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Join us! Membership is open to anyone involved in or interested in Adult Education in Alaska.

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NEW MEMBER SPECIAL - Membership becomes active upon receipt of payment and remains active until the end of a complete calendar year.

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  • Membership to the Coalition on Adult Basic Education, COABE, a 23,000+ member national adult education organization with full benefits including:

    • Free professional development webinars that have had over 18,000 sign-ups

    • Awards valued at $10,000 each

    • Incentive grants to promote best practices in the field

    • Scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education

    • Mini grants to defray the cost of conference registration

    • Easy-to-use advocacy tools to enable members to easily contact their local, state, and national level legislators

    • Toolkits to effectively raise the voice of adult education

    • National and regional conferences to provide professional development and networking opportunities. Reduced registration rates at national conference

    • Insurance coverage options

    • On-going national level communications and legislative updates

    • Virtual Conference at state rates

  • Network and build relationships with other adult education professionals while advocating for adult learning in Alaska

  • FOCUS newsletter subscription

RENEWAL: Membership is for calendar year, January 1 - December 31

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Membership Types

  • Individual (Full-time)–$45.00

  • Individual (Part-time)–$25.00

  • Student/Retiree/Volunteer–$10.00

  • Small Group (Three individuals from the same program)–$125.00

  • Large Group (Ten individuals from the same organization)–$350.00

  • Sponsorship–$100.00